Meet the Team

AGREENCULTURE is the first edition of the Colèchi Journal. Colèchi is a collective and research agency actioning sustainable development in the fashion industry. As a team we work to humanise clothing again through curation, workshops and insight; working in between brands, education and government in collaboration with our collective that includes growers, weavers, designers, media to recycler.


Tina Wetshi

The CREATIVE DIRECTOR of the journal and co-founder of Coléchi. Wetshi has been working in the fashion industry since 2015 and is dedicated to displaying the intersection of culture and politics through art and fashion. She is also the Marketing and Events Manager at Dazed Media. In the journal, Tina is the curator of the chapter Roles and Relationships which explores forming new connections across the fashion supply web as well as mirroring our relationship to fashion with the food industry. 

Piarvé Wetshi

Piarvé Wetshi is the journal EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and co-founder of Coléchi. She is also the co-founder of LastYarn, a company dedicated to utilising the UK’s surplus fabric, and takes this dedication to reducing textile waste into the core of her projects. In the journal Piarve curate the section on Waste which details ways in which the fashion industry can be more innovative with implementing circular lifecycles into their products. 

Chekii Harling

Chekii Harling is the journal EDITOR AT LARGE and sustainable fashion expert. Harling has worked at Selfridges for nearly four years and currently serves as their Creative Concepts Manager. She is also the creator of TRASHMag, a publication highlighting recycled materials.

Justina Alexandroff

Justina Alexandroff is a journal EDITOR and Coléchi Graphic Designer and Researcher. She is a multi-disciplinary designer with experience in bio-material production and is currently studying a Masters at Central Saint Martins in Material Futures. Alexandroff curated the Journal chapter on Local Growing which explores the ways in which we can appreciate, care for, and learn from smaller and more local scales of production and their effects on the environment.

Matilda Trevitt

Matilda Trevitt is a journal EDITOR and Coléchi Creative Producer. She applies her visual arts skills as a photographer, exhibition designer, and social media manager at Coléchi as well as at Are You Mad, an environmentally conscious creative unit. She is the curator of the journal section on Governing Fashion, a section that explores consumer behaviour and highlights brands leading the way in environmentally structured work. 

Reanar James

Reanar James is a journal CONTRIBUTING EDITOR and Co-host of Coléchi’s Clean Fashion podcast and Coléchi junior writer. They also frequent YKWU sessions to share their knowledge of knitting with attendees. James is the curator of the Community section of the journal which encapsulates the ways fashion can engender feelings of belonging and be used to push the boundaries of that status-quo. 

Emily Goodge

Emily Goodge is a journal CONTRIBUTING EDITOR and researcher at Coléchi. She is also the creator of Emily Lamb, her brand that produces knitwear dedicated to preserving the folklore and narrative of British Wool.

Kwaku Aboagye

Kwaku Aboagye is a journal EDITORIAL ASSISTANT and Coléchi content creator and Coléchi online journal writer. Aboagye previously applied his creative skills as a video editor and short film production assistant.


studio basic

Studio Basic worked on the initial ART DIRECTION. Founded by Karolina Krupickova and Johanna Hammer studio basic is a creative consultancy company. They work collaboratively with clients in every step of the process from brainstorming to execution. The studio focuses on advertising within the art and fashion industries.

Natalya Byrne

Natalya Byrne is a journal DESIGNER and graphic designer at Coléchi. Using her graphic design skills, she led a rebrand during her time at Loopmusic. Her design work is featured at King’s College London.

Priti Lalwani

Priti Lalwani is a journal DESIGNER and a graphic designer with a focus on music-based design. Lalwani encourages queer inclusivity through her designs and works. She also designs for Future Tonic, a brand consultancy agency.